Churchill American Little League

UpdatedMonday March 28, 2016 byMNLL.

Churchill American Little League

The Churchill American Little League (CALL) is part of the Massachusett's District 12 Little League which serves the communities of Melrose, Medford, Malden, Somerville, Everett and East Boston. 

The CALL program has a Major, Minor, Coach Pitch and Kid Pitch  and Tee Ball level of baseball.

The CALL program has leagues that are parallel with the Melrose National Little League (MNLL).

CALL arranges inter-league games with MNLL at the Major and Minor levels throughout the Spring Season. 

At the end of the regular season CALL and MNLL also compete in a City Series Tournament at the Majors and Minors levels.

The following league names are defined within the Melrose National Little League site  to track the inter-league games.

American Major League (Inter league)

Churchill American Major League - This league competes with the MNLL Majors in interleague games.

American Minor League (Inter league)

Churchill American Minor League  - This league competes with the MNLL Minors in interleague games.