Tee Ball League Rules

UpdatedMonday April 24, 2017 byMLL.

Melrose Little League Tee-Ball League Rules

Games/ Schedules

  • There will be one game played per week
  • One on the weekend
  • There will be one set practice played per week -weeknights at 5:45PM
  • Games and practice are to be played at the Cabbage Patch Field (see schedule)


Practice time at the “Cabbage Patch Field” OR Foss Park can be arranged through the T-Ball Coordinator.         

Rules of play

Fielding Team:

  • Each team is to field all the players on the team each inning. Rotate the players to new positions each inning so each child plays all positions during the season.
  • It is recommended that the Manager and coaches stand in the field with their players to help direct play.

Batting Team:

  • Each team should bat each player in order, the coaches should decide before the game how many children should bat each inning. (typically a good number of players for each team per inning is 6-8), this should allow each child to bat twice during the game.
  • When a player hits the ball the fielding team will try to get him/her out at 1st base, for the first 8 games or so the player who hit the ball will stay on first base even if the fielding team makes the out at first base. (this gives the child confidence as well as teaches the child how to run the bases). It is recommended for the last few games of the season that if the fielding team makes the play at 1st base and the child running is out, he/she should return to the dugout.
  • The last player to bat each inning will hit a “Grand Slam” and run around all the bases (this should be rotated for all the players) the players on base should also run around the remaining bases to home plate. The fielding team should get the ball into home plate (the catcher) as soon as possible, the catcher should be coached to stay on home plate and tag out the players as they come in, (do not have the catcher chase the players coming home) (the batting team should coach the players not to run out of the base line even if they are going to be tagged out)

Length of Games

  • No game should go more than 4 innings; no new inning should begin after 7 PM.

Fielding team Safety

Children playing the following positions must wear a helmet:1st base, pitcher and catcher.

Batting Team Safety:

  • Only the player batting is allowed to have a bat in his or her hand.   No on deck batter allowed      (little league rule).
  • The player at bat must wear a helmet, the next two or three players to bat may wear a helmet in the dugout, there are no players allowed on deck FOR SAFETY REASONS.
  • Designated and supplied soft T-Balls are to be used at all times during the games. Tennis balls or other soft balls may be used for practice.
  • Players on the bench must stay in the bench area at all times and conduct themselves in an orderly fashion THIS RULE MUST BE STRICKLY ENFORCED BY THE COACHES FOR SAFETY REASONS.


All parents, siblings and friends of the players are to sit/stand on the outfield side of the dugout, THIS IS FOR SAFETY REASONS.