Coach Pitch

UpdatedMonday April 23, 2018 byMLL.

Coach Pitch Rules/Guidelines

  • No inning may be started 1:45 minutes after the start of the game.  (e.g. for a 5:45 p.m. start, no inning shall be started after 7:30 p.m.


  • Coaches should not keep score or maintain records of individual player statistics.  The Coach Pitch baseball league is intended to provide instruction and recreation.  Team to team and player to player competition should not to be encouraged.


  • There is free substitution with a perpetual batting order.  At the beginning of each game, the       batting order will pick up where it left off in the previous game.


  • For the first half of the season it will be left to the discretion of both team’s managers if out will be recorded. Both teams will agree if out are recorded before the start of the game.
  • If the managers elect to not record outs each team will bat one time through the line up each half inning.


  • When teams are playing with recorded outs each team will bat once through the order or until three outs are recorded each half inning.

For the second half of the season all teams should move to the recorded-out Teams may bat through the lineup during the final inning regardless of recorded outs.-


  • All players will play the field, there is no limit to the number of defensive players on the field at a time.


  • Pitcher is a fielding position and a player should be placed on the mound offset to the left or right of the coach pitcher.


  • Coaches will pitch overhand and use their discretion when to utilize underhand soft toss or batting tee.  No strike outs or walks.  Pitch until the player hit. 


  • One coach may assist players with field positioning. Once players are set in position, the coach should position himself/herself behind the outfielders.


  • Only adults (coaches or parents) may coach the bases.


  • The team playing the field should have an adult (coach or parent) positioned behind the catcher for passed balls and wild pitches.  The adult can throw the ball directly back to the coach pitcher.


  • No Leading (runners must be on base at time ball is hit), No Stealing, No Bunting.


  • Grounder through infield maximum double, you must earn it, not automatic.


  • Runner cannot advance on an overthrow of any bases.


  • The coach who is pitching shall also provide the umpiring function. All players called “out” on the base paths shall return back to the bench. Coaches should enforce the accepted rules of baseball (i.e. Forced outs, tagged outs, returning back to their bases after a fly ball has been caught) to enhance the player’s knowledge of baseball. The umpire’s decision is final.


  • No All Star Game


  • No playoffs