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UpdatedSaturday January 14, 2017 byTim Donohue.

Game and Practice Information for MLL Spring Season Leagues

The information found here applies to all of the MLL Spring Season leagues from Tee-Ball through Major Leagues.


Practices for the Spring season begin in mid to late March, with preseason games starting in March weather permitting.   In the event of adverse weather, games may be rescheduled for weeknights or on Saturdays throughout the season.


Game schedules are created by the league at the beginning of each season.  Every attempt is made to ensure that the schedule is balanced for all teams. As part of the schedule, a home team and a visitor’s team will be assigned for each game. Both teams have certain obligations before, during and after each game, which are listed below.  Please help your team manager and coaches with field preparation.

Home Team Obligations:

Occupies HOME dugout and if one is not identified then chooses dugout
Manager supplies two game balls.
Responsible for making sure the field is in good playing condition prior to the game.*  Includes dragging the infield and setting foul lines.
Manager will select official scorekeeper for the game.
Scorebook will be official record of the game.
Turn off lights and scoreboards.
Clean up of home dugout and stands.

Visiting Team Obligations:

Occupies VISITOR dugout and if one is not identified then occupies dugout not chosen by Home team
Operation of the field scoreboard.
Putting away equipment (scoreboard brain, rakes, shovels, field markers) after the game.
Putting away bases if last game of the day.
Clean up of visitor’s dugout and stands.

* Please note that in the event that field conditions are such (inclement weather) that more than basic field preparations are necessary to make the field playable, BOTH teams are responsible for field preparation.

Cancelled or Rained Out games or practices

At MLL, we operate with the mindset:  Play all games until officially canceled/postponed.  Any observed lightning is cause for immediate removal of participants from dugouts (away from poles and fences).

Before the game starts the home team manager can cancel the game due to rain, usually in consultation with the visiting team manager. After the game begins the umpires decide if the game needs to be suspended due to rain.  In the event of severe weather League Directors or the Board may close a field for one or more days.

If the decision has been made to cancel or postpone a game, your child’s manager, coach or team parent should contact you via email or a message sent through this web site.  In addition, once the game has been officially canceled or postponed in our online system, you should receive an automatic email.  You can also sign up to receive text message alerts from our system (during registration).  If you ever have any doubt whether or not the game is canceled, please contact your team manager.